The Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS), of the Ministry of Interior, is the oldest (started operations in 1858), and one of the largest departments of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus. Its role and responsibility have been of immense importance, particularly in operating the Cyprus Land Registration System. The Department, as an umbrella governmental organisation, manages all major land matters of Cyprus including surveying and maintenance of the state survey infrastructure, mapping, investigation into title, registration, conveyance, valuations of property, conservation and management of State Lands, land tenure and registration of encumbrances.

The Department of Lands and Surveys of Cyprus initial and main responsibility is the registration of immovable property on the island. However, throughout the years, the Department has expanded its services and activities offered to the public, emerging into a dynamic and multifaceted organisation.

We advise on the full range of real estate-related transactions.

With an integrated network of leading individuals, we have the commitment, resources and know-how to get your deals done.

Forward thinking and commercial in our approach, with a recognised ability to deliver complex deals, we handle the entire property ‘life-cycle’.

Our services include:

  • Relevant searches in the Land Registry
  • Drafting the Contract of Sale
  • General advice and consultation
  • Visit to the Tax Office to arrange stamping of contract of sale for specific performance purposes
  • Acquiring approval from the Cypriot Council of Ministers if required
  • Land Registry Office transfers
  • Opening of Bank accounts on behalf of the client
  • Connection of Utilities (electricity, water, telephone)
  • Immovable Property taxation advice – the Cyprus Laws regulating immovable property and other associated transactions are numerous and specialist advice is recommended
  • Organize all paper work and appear in the land registry on behalf of the purchasers to transfer the little deed on the names
  • Submission of insurance proposal
  • Expatriation of funds
  • Mortgage Application
  • VAT Refund Application for the immovable property
  • Application for refund of Immovable Property Tax

The procedures can be complex and time-consuming. Our knowledge and extensive experience in this area ensures that your property acquisition experience will be easy, worry-free and successful.